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Sneaking back sneakily into my lj

So, I'm pretty sure nobody is on LJ any more (except my beloved findyourriver) so I think I can sneak back on here and start writing things nobody but me cares about again. Hooray! 

Spent a bit of time getting my website in order tonight, which was ever so satisfying. It will be ready for launch by the end of the week, and I'll look like a real life businesswoman. I'm having such trouble taking myself seriously with this, like my brain is afraid I'm just going to punk out at any second, like I can't trust myself to succeed. However, not trying scary things is lame, so despite feeling like I'm going to puke, I'm going to do this until I fail at it or til I'm a fabulous success. I was driving with Melissa today and made some offhand comment about my lack of self-confidence with this, like, "I think maybe possibly I could sort of kind of do this, but I don't know, maybe, um, words." And she literally snorted at me, and told me that if anyone could do this, I could. Like, it was so obvious to her that I had this *down*, and why would I ever doubt that I could do it? It was really gratifying to have someone say, if not in so many words,"well CLEARLY you can do this, why on earth wouldn't you?" X sees too much of my squishy underbelly for real objectivity, I think, since she's the one I pour all my worries and insecurities out to. If she said she thought maybe I should just get a real job and stop being a dreamer, it'd be like stepping on a kitten. So, much as I love her, it was nice to get some outside validation, even if it was only from my bestie.

Speaking of said bestie, I gave her her wedding quilt today, and she was super-pleased. I may have teared up slightly, but you can't prove it. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and will post pictures somewhere online for posterity, and so others can admire my genius. I've got to get better at taking some bloggy shots of quilts before I give them away. It's just hard when you're surrounded by lots of concrete and brick, and you want everything to look all verdant and organic and like your craft mysteriously materialized in a field or something. 

That is all for now. Very anticlimactic for almost 3 years away, but there you go. I'm a woman of the present. Oooh, shiny...
In 2011, stentoriansista resolves to...
Give up arguing.
Buy new smiles.
Stop searching with sheafrotherdon.
Spend more time with my pants.
Go to people every Sunday.
Tell my family about lesbians.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I *do* want to spend more time with my pants! (They get lonely.) And my family totally needs to hear the Gospel of Lesbianism again. Duh. Fat chance on the arguing though.
Dear Diary,

Book meme, ganked from mareska

Book Meme
That book meme...
onward!Collapse )


In case you've not seen it all over the interwebs and Twitterverse, Amazon.com is stripping the sales rankings (which they also use in those book recommendation searches) from LGBT books.  I wrote them a nice letter asking them to stop being stupid heads, there's info in the link on how to do the same.

Make Stuff.

Today was a day o' making things.  Worked on my duvet-into-dress project, and also made these nifty roses from coffee filters.  Check this shiz out:les fleurs!Collapse )

I still need to paint them and stuffs, but they're looking kind of freakishly realistic even without it.  Now to watch Neil Gaiman own Stephen Colbert for the second time.  Seriously.  He is basically made of win, and he made Mr. Stephen out his inner GIGANTIC Tolkein geek.  Also, how precious is it that he wore a suit and tie?  Love.  Bless him for being so amazing immediately following his family tragedy.  Also also, I need him saying "Fuck it, we're all going to die" as a ringtone or something, for reals.

I really gotta quit staying up so late.